• Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

    What is PBIS at GMS? 

    Our staff is committed to creating an environment conducive to producing contributing members to the community through their demonstration of character. We practice daily and reward students for exhibiting these expected and appropriate behaviors within the school environment through our PAWS program.

    What is “PAWS”? 

    GMS students are expected to show their PAWS.

    Patience and Kindness
    Academic Excellence
    Working Together
    Safe & In-Control

    Why do we do it? 

    To create a well-rounded student, we not only want to focus on the academics, but also on developing each student’s character. Creating a program with common language and expectations will help guide our students to making choices that will impact them in a positive and productive way, as well as providing them with the tools they need to self-monitor their own successes and needs for improvement. This program allows both staff and students to recognize, either publicly or privately, the positive efforts and behaviors displayed and reward them for making our GMS community a great place to be!

    GMS PAWS Committee

    • Coordinator:  Melinda Arist, Special Education Teacher
    • Assistant Coordinator:  Danusia Klestinec, Special Education Teacher
    • Barb Conrad, AIS Math
    • Shannon Kelly, ELA