GHS Physical Education Courses

  • Physical EducationStudents taking their pulses.

    Physical Education is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. The mission of the Physical Education program is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

    Physical Education is required for all students by NY state law. Physically active participation is required in this course. Classes are scheduled for all students.

    Adapted Physical Education programs are provided for students with special needs.

    • ½ credit/full year

    Adapted Physical Education

    Adapted Physical Education programs are provided for students with special needs.

    • 1/2 credit/full year

    Advanced Physical Education

    In Advanced Physical Education, students will dive deeper into the world of sports, lifetime fitness activities, and athletics. Each unit will go more in depth in different types of plays, team roles, coaching assignments, and projects that help students understand the different roles that go along with athletics and sports. This course will take students further than the traditional drills and skills taught in PE. Students will also be able to experience different athletic opportunities in the community by participating in offsite field trips such as ropes courses, ice skating, cross country skiing, etc. Field trips will be subject to change as the availability of facilities changes throughout the community. This course is geared towards those students who are looking to advance their PE experience by participating in competitive play, explore different opportunities in the world of athletics, and take their physical education experience to the next level. Units will simulate an athletic “season” where students will take on coaching roles, officiating roles, broadcaster/sports journalist roles, etc. Students will also be introduced to different styles of weight training/aerobics and will be able to develop personalized programs that are specific to their fitness goals and utilize their program long enough to start seeing a change in their fitness levels. These are skills that students will be able to carry with them through their lives to maintain a healthy, lifelong lifestyle. Students in this course will be expected to be dressed and ready to participate 100% each day; there will be no toleration for lack of participation in this course, so come ready to play, have fun, and learn every class!

    • ½ unit/full year
    • Grades 11–12
    • Prerequisite: Subject to approval by PE teacher.

    Basic Weight Training                                                                                                                      Grades 9-12

    Gemini Course

    This course will explore basic techniques of weight training, focusing on the various exercises applied in a weight training program, demonstration of proper technique, and development of an overview of a comprehensive training program.

    • 1.0 FLCC credit
    • Grades 9-12
    • 1/2 unit/semester