Code of Conduct: Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • III.  Student Rights and Responsibilities

    1. Student Rights
      The district is committed to safeguarding the rights given to all students under state and federal law. In addition, to promote a safe, healthy, orderly and civil school environment, all district students have the right to:
      1. Take part in all district activities on an equal basis regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion,gender or sexual orientation, or disability.
      2. Present their version of the relevant events to school personnel authorized to impose a disciplinary penalty in connection with the imposition of the penalty.
      3. Have school rules provided to the students and their families and, when necessary, receive an explanation of those rules from school personnel.
      4. Have access to the school Bullying and/or Harassment policies. 
    2. Student Responsibilities
      All district students have the responsibility to:
      1. Contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly school environment that is conducive to learning and to show respect to other persons and to property.
      2. Be familiar with and abide by all district policies, rules and regulations dealing with student conduct.
      3. Attend school every day unless they are legally excused and be in class, on time, and prepared to learn.
      4. Work to the best of their ability in all academic and extracurricular pursuits and strive toward their highest level of achievement possible.
      5. React to direction given by teachers, administrators and other school personnel in a respectful, positive manner.
      6. Work to develop mechanisms to control their anger.
      7. Ask questions when they do not understand.
      8. Seek help in solving problems that might lead to disciplinary action.
      9. Dress appropriately for school and school functions, in a manner not hazardous to themselves or others, or disruptive of the educational process.
      10. Accept responsibility for their actions.
      11. Conduct themselves as representatives of the district when participating in or attending school-sponsored co-curricular events and to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, demeanor, and sportsmanship.
      12. Enroll in a course of study that is commensurate with his or her ability.
      13. Be courteous toward others.