Code of Conduct: Dissemination and Review

  • XV. Dissemination and Review

    1. Dissemination of Code of Conduct
      1. The district will ensure that the community is aware of this code of conduct by:
      2. Providing copies of a summary of the code to all students at a general assembly held at the beginning of each school year.
      3. Making copies of the code available to all parents at the beginning of the school year.
      4. Mailing a summary of the code of conduct written in plain language to all parents of district students before the beginning of the school year and making this summary available later upon request.
      5. Providing all current teachers and other staff members with a copy of the code and a copy of any amendments to the code as soon as practicable after adoption.
      6. Providing all new employees with a copy of the current code of conduct when they are first hired.
      7. Making copies of the code available for review by students, parents and other community members.
      8. The board will sponsor an in-service education program for all district staff members to ensure the effective implementation of the code of conduct. The superintendent may solicit the recommendations of the district staff, particularly teachers and administrators, regarding in service programs pertaining to the management and discipline of students.
      9. The board of education will review this code of conduct every year and update it as necessary.  In conducting  the review, the board will consider how effective the code’s provisions have been and whether the code has been applied fairly and consistently.
      10. The board may appoint an advisory committee to assist in reviewing the code and the district’s response to code of conduct violations. The committee will be made up of representatives of student, teacher, administrator, and parent organizations, school safety personnel and other school personnel.
      11. Before adopting any revisions to the code, the board will hold at least one public hearing at which school personnel, parents, students and any other interested party may participate.
      12. The code of conduct and any amendments to it will be filed with the Commissioner no later than 30 days after adoption.