Policy Council Meeting

    1. Welcome/establish quorum: 12–12:15 p.m.: Marsha


    • Toscinia Elliot-Monclova- present
    • Ahmad Whitfield- absent
    • Tiara Thomas- absent
    • Jean Perkins- present
    • Iranisha Vazquez- absent
    • William Parmer- absent
    • Dawn Stryker- absent
    • Margaret Mattison- present

    Community Members

    • Marsha Foote- present
    • Chris Finger- absent
    • Benny Calderon- present
    • James Grady- present
    • Christy Grady- present

    Quorum?         YES x   NO


    • Karissa Schutt- present
    • Jena Fuchs- present
    • Additional presenter (if applicable)-


    • May Farnsworth- absent

    2. Approval of minutes*: 12:15–12:20 p.m.: Marsha

    Minutes approved with one minor edit.

    Motion: Marsha; Second: Benny; Vote: All in favor

    3. Monthly training: 12:20–1:05 p.m.: Karissa  & Jena       

    • Self-assessment

    Karissa provided an overview of the program’s formal Self Assessment and referenced the process the council will be voting on today. Group discussed past processes and ways to be involved. Self-assessment is a year long process with the current months being the more focused time.

    • Community Assessment

    Broad explanations of the community assessment were given by Karissa and Jena. The Performance Standard as reviewed and the council was informed they would have a chance to participate in the update made this year. Gave examples of updates group has seen.

    Marsha- brought up concerns of teen moms and people impacted.

    Benny- asked how it helps preschoolers in the community.

    4. Director’s Report: 1:05–1:13 p.m.: Karissa & Jena

    • Delegate Monitoring Report- Phelps Clifton Springs

    Karissa- Discussed the delegate sites and how Geneva staff supports them.

    Karissa- Explained that each site has a director and that we need to provide a mix of monitoring and support.

    Jena- Explained how she helps keep everything in place for Family workers such as documents, regular training, and follow-ups.

    Marsha- Expressed concerns regarding the site directors.

    Karissa- Gave general idea of their backgrounds, experience, and qualifications.

    All- Discussion on the decisions and importance of delegate monitoring, Performance Standards, and collecting documentation to ensure they are meeting the standards.

    Benny- Concerned about losing delegates.

    Karissa- Discussed yearly contracts for delegates, including consequences to breach of contract.

    All- Discussion on the matters within delegates.

    Karissa will bring delegate contract for review at the next meeting.

    • 2017–18 Self-Assessment Process*

    Motion: James; Second: Margaret; Vote: All in favor

    No discussion. Members signed up to support the different component areas in the formal Self-Assessment process.

    5. Budget/Finance: 1:14–1:17 p.m.: Karissa

    • Budget

    Members specifically reviewed how much money for PA 20 and PA 22 is allocated to the delegate sites.

    6. Parent Engagement Committee: 1:17–1:20 p.m.: Jena/parent rep

    • Harvest Dinner recap

    All- discussion on how well it went, 28 families attended, 107 total. Positive feedback was received.

    • Parent/teacher conferences in process

    7. Monthly Report: 1:20–1:22 p.m.: All


    No questions regarding monthly report.

    8. Council Member Updates/Highlights: 1:22–1:25 p.m.: All

    Marsha shared about an Open House event at the county complex building. Jena shared that Friday, 10/27/17 there will be a Fundraiser at Canandaigua Inn on the Lake- Halloween event- $10.00 tickets for substance Abuse prevention 5PM- 8:30PM $15.00 at door. May shared that Festival of Nations will be held on 11/4/17 and that the rec center is hosting try hockey for free day.        

    9. Board of Education Liaison Updates: 1:25–1:30 p.m.: May

    BOE liaison not present.

    10. Closing*: 1:30 p.m.

    Motion:   Marsha; Second: Benny; Vote: All in favor

    *indicates vote needed


    • Previous month’s minutes
    • Community Assessment Info
    • Phelps Clifton Springs Monitoring Report
    • 2017-2018 Self-Assessment Process
    • Budget
    • Monthly Report

    Key Dates

    • PAWS Nights offer free, family friendly activities every Tuesday 5–7 p.m. at West Street School.
    • 11/3– Lunch Bunch 11 a.m.–12 p.m., WSS Stage
    • 11/4– Festival of Nations,1–4 p.m., NSS
    • 11/7– Parent Engagement Committee 8:30–9:15 a.m., WSS Stage, open to ALL parents. Parent training on curriculum & assessment w/ Kendra. 9 a.m., WSS.
    • 11/9– *Classroom Connections for those who have already signed up w/ Kendra 9:30 a.m., WSS Stage. I Love You rituals 10:30 a.m.– Carpenter AM & Robertson, 1:15 p.m.– Carpenter PM, Adam, Nesbitt
    • 11/10– No school in observance of Veteran’s day
    • 11/15– HARVEST DINNER, at WSS 5–7 p.m.
    • 11/16– half day- 12:30 p.m. dismissal for 4 yr old classes, no school for Carpenter’s PM class. Parent-teacher conferences held in the afternoon
    • 11/17– *Policy Council 12–1:30 p.m., WSS Stage
    • 11/22-11/24– Program Closed due to Thanksgiving Recess
    • 11/30– half day- 12:30 p.m. dismissal for full day classes, no school for Carpenter’s PM class. Parent-teacher conferences held in the afternoon

    *indicates Head Start event WS classes only