Policy Council Meeting

    1. Welcome/establish quorum: 12–12:15 p.m.: Toscinia


    • Toscinia Elliot-Monclova- present
    • Ahmad Whitfield- present
    • Tiara Thomas- present
    • Jean Perkins- present
    • Iranisha Vazquez- present
    • William Parmer- absent
    • Dawn Stryker- absent
    • Margaret Mattison- absent

    Community Members

    • Marsha Foote- present
    • Chris Finger- present
    • Benny Calderon- absent
    • James Grady- present
    • Christy Grady- present

    Quorum? YES x   NO


    • Karissa Schutt- present
    • Jena Fuchs- present
    • Additional presenter (if applicable)-


    • May Farnsworth- present        

    2. Election of officers*: 12:15–12:30 p.m.: Toscinia

    Per Policy Council bylaws, staff left the room and allowed Policy Council members to deliberate. After a discussion of nominees, ballots were turned in and counted. The vote resulted in the following:

    • Ahmad Whitfield- Chairperson
    • Iranisha Vazquez- Vice Chairperson
    • Jean Perkins- Secretary

    3. Director’s Report: 12:30–12:50 p.m.: Karissa  & Jena     

    • Program Instructions
      • Program instructions relating to Hurricane Disaster support and financial reporting were explained.
    • Performance Standards  timeline revision
      • Informed that programs have more time to implement certain standards that were added/changed such as staff background clearances.
    • Monitoring Review Letter
      • Policy Council members were informed that our program will have a federal review this year and that reviewers will most likely want to speak with Policy Council members during the review. Also discussed how our delegate sites have been supported and monitored.
    • Transportation waiver
      • Letter regarding transportation waiver approval was explained.
    • Hiring-Teacher Aide*
      • Members were provided with information on Heather Blandon, a current parent who interviewed for an open teacher aide position. It was moved and approved to hire Heather.

    Motion: Toscinia; Second: Tiara; Vote: All in favor

    • Position Creation*
      • Proposed new coordinator position to support various aspects of program and monitoring. Karissa will send job description to PC members and criteria per Marsha’s request. Civil Service received. No title yet- 4 year degree will be required and the position will be full time.

    Motion: Chris; Second: Toscinia; Vote: All in favor

    4. Budget/Finance: 12:50–12:57 p.m.: Karissa

    • Review Grant budget sheets
    • Credit card statements

    Available money is held-Shown on budget- repeats all year long

    Family Style meals are required but program has made changes with snacks because many were being wasted. Snacks are still available but are not a formal part of the food program. All purchases must got through Karissa first.

    5. Parent Engagement Committee: 12:57–1:05 p.m.: Jena/parent rep

    • Parent Interest Survey data
    • Parent Engagement Committee
    • Open House
    • Donations for Puerto Rico

    Parent Interest Survey data was shared and members were invited to Parent Engagement Committee meeting being held next week that will use Parent Interest Survey data to guide program events. Jena reminded members of program’s upcoming Open House and also shared that donations for Puerto Rico are currently being collected. The donations are being coordinated by Toscinia.

    6. Monthly Report: 1:05–1:10 p.m.: All


    Jena asks members to read/review reports. Reports will be the previous month of each council meeting. Jena explained the month to month dates reporting. Jena highlighted several items on the monthly report such as how Head start assists families in finding dental homes. Programs are also required to track and how many services were actually received.

    7. Council Member Updates/Highlights: 1:10–1:20 p.m.: All

    Marsha shared about an Open House event at the county complex building. Jena shared that Friday, 10/27/17 there will be a Fundraiser at Canandaigua Inn on the Lake- Halloween event- $10 tickets for substance Abuse prevention 5–8:30 p.m. $15 at door. May shared that Festival of Nations will be held on 11/4/17 and that the rec center is hosting try hockey for free day.

    8. Board of Education Liaison Updates: 1:20–1:30 p.m.: May

    May shared that the district has had to fill many open positions and has been doing a lot of hiring. Marsha asked if capital project is on track. May- yes

    Toscinia asked about GFSA- how to get involved?

    May explained GFSA does special events and fundraisers recommended site council- building level leadership.

    9. Closing*                                        

    Motion: Marsha; Second: Chris; Vote: All in favor

    *indicates vote needed


    • Program Instructions
    • Timeline revision notification
    • Monitoring review letter
    • Transportation waiver
    • Budget
    • Credit Card Statements
    • Parent interest survey results
    • Parent donation letter
    • Monthly Report

    Key Dates

    • PAWS Nights offer free, family friendly activities every Tuesday 5-7pm at West Street School.
    • 10/9– Program closed in observance of Columbus Day
    • 10/10– Health Advisory Committee meeting
    • 10/13– *Policy Council 12–1:30 p.m.
    • 10/16– 2:30 p.m. dismissal for HdSt/Pre-k classes
    • 10/19–
      • Family Engagement Committee 8:15–9:15 a.m.
      • Field trip to pumpkin patch:
      • Carpenter AM & Nesbitt @ 9:45–11:30 a.m.
      • Carpenter PM  & NSS UPK @ 12:30–2:15 p.m.
    • 10/20– Field trip to pumpkin patch:
      •  Robertson & Adam 9:45–11:30 a.m.
    • 10/26– Head Start/Pre-K OPEN HOUSE, 5–6:30 p.m.
      • WSS– Head Start classes NSS– Jacobs class
    • 10/27 Program closed-Superintendent Conference

    *indicates Head Start event WS classes only