1210 Board of Education Members: Qualifications

  • 2000    1210



    A Board of Education member of the Geneva City School District must meet the following qualifications:

    1. A citizen of the United States;
    2. Eighteen (18) years of age or older;
    3. Able to read and write;
    4. A legal resident one (1) year prior to the election;
    5. Cannot be an employee of the Geneva City School District;
    6. The only member of his/her family (that is, cannot be a member of the same household) on the school Geneva City School District Board;
    7. May not simultaneously hold another, incompatible public office;
    8. Must not have been removed from a school district office within one year preceding the date of election to the Board.

    Education Law Sections 2102, 2103 and 2103-a

    Public Officers Law Section 3

    Adopted:  5/8/00