2121 Principles of Parliamentary Procedure

  • 2000                2121

           Internal Operations


             The following major principles of parliamentary procedure shall be used as a guide:

    1. Proposed motions shall be understood before being opened for discussion.
    2. Opportunity shall be offered for discussion before a motion is put to a vote.
    3. A member shall be permitted to withdraw his/her motion with the consent of the person who seconded it before discussion has commenced.
    4. After discussion has started on a motion, the member making the motion is not permitted to withdraw the motion except with the unanimous consent of the members.
    5. If a motion is lost, it cannot be properly reconsidered a the same meeting without the consent of the majority of the members present.
    6. A motion for reconsideration can be made and seconded only by a member who voted with the majority on the original motion.
    7. Amendments to a motion or to previous amendments must be disposed of before a vote can be taken on the original motion as amended.
    8. Once before the Board, a motion may only be interrupted by a motion to lay it on the table, postponement, for amendment, or adjournment.
    9. Members shall address the chair and be recognized by it before making a motion or speaking on a question before the body.
    10. One motion shall be discussed at a time.

    Adopted:  5/8/00