3110.R Media Access

  • 2012                3110R

    Community Relations


                These regulations apply to all representatives of news media agencies and govern media access to students during instructional hours and/or school activities whether occurring on or off school grounds. These regulations do not apply to general media coverage of any events of public interest (such as an athletic event, lecture, school play, Board meetings, and the like) regardless of the time and location of such public interest events.


                All media representatives must report to the Main Office of the building to which access is requested in order to obtain authorization from the Building Principal or his/her designee for access to the building and/or to interview, photograph, or videotape District students.

    Parents/guardians will be given the option of denying media access to their child via an “opt-out” form which must be renewed each school year.

    When time allows, parents/guardians who have not opted their child out of media access will be notified prior to granting the media permission to interview students, or prior to the taking of photographs and/or videotapes (as well as subsequent publication) which would identify individual students or groups of students. In such instances, parents/guardians will be advised of the use and ultimate disposition of the interview, photograph and/or videotape.

    If the student from whom information is sought by the media does not want to be interviewed, photographed and/or videotaped, or if the parent/guardian of the student has submitted an “opt-out” form to the district, such access will be denied by the Building Principal/designee.

    Time and Location of Access

                Media access to students while on school grounds and/or at school related activities may be granted only during non-instructional hours or during non-instructional time periods for the students involved such as study halls and lunch periods.

    Access shall be limited to non-instructional areas as determined by the Building Principal/designee.  Media access to public events shall be limited to the specific location and immediately surrounding areas where such public event is taking place.          

    The Building Principal/designee may place reasonable limitations on the length of any media access to students.  Media access of public events shall be restricted to the time period for such events, along with a reasonable time period prior to and after the activity.

    Violations of Districts Regulations

                Any person who violates district rules and regulations governing the maintenance of public order on school property and/or media access to students shall be subject to appropriate sanctions including, but not limited to, suspension of access privileges by the Superintendent/Board of Education.

    Revised: 12/10/12