3150 School Volunteers

  • 2005  3150

              Community Relations


    The Board recognizes the need to develop a school volunteer program to support District instructional programs and extracurricular activities.  The purpose of the volunteer program will be to:

    1. Assist employees in providing more individualization and enrichment of instruction;
    2. Build an understanding of school programs among interested citizens, thus stimulating widespread involvement in a total educational process;
    3. Strengthen school/community relations through positive participation.

    Volunteers are persons who are willing to donate their time and energies to assist principals, teachers, and other school personnel in implementing various phases of school programs.  Volunteers shall serve in that capacity without compensation or employee benefits except for liability protection under the District's insurance program.

             An application shall be filled out by each prospective volunteer and forwarded on to the appropriate building or department administrator and on to the District Office for evaluation. The building principal will forward his/her decisions concerning selection, placement and replacement of volunteers to the Superintendent for final evaluation.  Following approval from the Superintendent of Schools, volunteers selected for work in the District shall be placed on the list of approved volunteers. However, the Superintendent retains the right to approve or reject any volunteer applications submitted for consideration.

             Volunteers may come from all backgrounds and age groups and may include any persons willing to give their time for the purpose of helping children through planned auxiliary services.  Volunteers may be involved in many facets of school operations, from mentor/tutor relationships to clerical tasks.

    1. The building principal retains the right to approve or reject any volunteer application submitted for consideration.
    2. All persons applying to perform volunteer services shall be screened by one or more members of the regular school staff, including a check of the NYS Sex Offenders Website.
    3. Applicants for volunteer positions may be required to provide two references, who will be contacted before the volunteer begins services.
    4. The District reserves the right to request information on previous criminal convictions.
    5. School personnel who are responsible for tasks or projects that will make use of volunteers will identify appropriate tasks and time schedules for such activities, as well as make provisions for adequate supervision, training and evaluation.
    6. Volunteers will be issued a picture ID card, to be worn and exhibited at all times while serving in the volunteer capacity.

             Administrative regulations will be developed to implement the terms of this policy and to periodically inform the Board of the progress of the school volunteer program.

    Volunteer Protection Act of 1997,

    42 United States Code (U.S.C.)

    Section 14501 et seq.

    Education Law Sections 3023 and 3028

    Public Officers Law Section 18

    NOTE:      Refer also to Policy #6540 -- Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and  Employees.

    Adopted:  5/8/00