3233 Complaints Concerning School Personnel

  • 2000 3233

              Community Relations


             Whenever a complaint is made directly to the Board as a whole or to a Board Member as an individual, it shall be referred to the Superintendent for study and possible solution.  The individual employee involved shall be advised of the nature of the complaint and shall be given every opportunity for explanation, comment and presentation of the facts as he/she sees them.

             If it appears necessary, the Superintendent may request an executive session of the Board for the purpose of fuller study and a decision by this body.  Generally all parties involved shall be asked to attend such a meeting for the purposes of presenting additional facts, making further explanations and clarifying the issues.

             The Board shall conduct such meetings in as fair and just a manner as possible.  The Board may request a disinterested third party to act as a moderator to help it reach a mutually satisfactory solution.

             Any parent, guardian or other person who insults or abuses any teacher or other employee on school property or in the presence of pupils may be prosecuted by the District under provisions of law.  School employees who are sued as a consequence of performing their assigned duties shall be provided full legal services as provided under Education Law.

    NOTE:      This policy is subject to the provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

    Adopted:  5/8/00