4310 Superintendent of Schools

  • 2000  4310



    1. As chief executive officer of the Board of Education, he/she shall attend all regular, special, and work meetings of the Board except that the Superintendent may be excluded when his/her employment contract or performance is discussed in executive session.
    2. He/she shall administer all policies and enforce all rules and regulations of the Board.
    3. He/she shall constantly review the local school situation and recommend to the Board areas in which new policies seem to be needed.
    4. He/she shall be responsible for organizing, administering, evaluating, and supervising the programs and personnel of all school departments, instructional and non-instructional.
    5. He/she shall recommend to the Board the appointment of all instructional and support personnel.
    6. He/she shall be responsible for the preparation and recommendation to the Board of the annual School District budget in accordance with the format and development plan specified by the Board.
    7. He/she shall acquaint the public with the activities and needs of the schools through his/her written and spoken statements, and shall be responsible for all news releases emanating from the local schools.
    8. He/she shall be responsible for the construction of all salary scales and for the administration of the salary plan approved by the Board. Some of these salary scales will be developed within staff contracts negotiated under the provisions of the Taylor Law.
    9. He/she shall determine the need and make plans for plant expansion and renovation.
    10. He/she shall be responsible for recommending for hire, evaluating, promoting, and dismissing all professional and non-professional staff personnel.
    11. He/she shall prepare or supervise the preparation of the teacher's handbook, staff bulletins, and all other District-wide staff materials.
    12. He/she shall plan and coordinate the recruitment of teachers and other staff to assure the District of the best available personnel.
    13. He/she shall plan and conduct a program of supervision of teaching staff that will have as its goal the improvement of instruction, and, at the same time, will assure that only the teachers found to be of a high degree of competence will be recommended for tenure.
    14. He/she shall continually strive to distinguish for all concerned between the areas of policy decisions appropriate to the Board and management decisions appropriate to the District's administrative personnel.
    15. He/she shall, when necessary and/or desirable, transfer such personnel as he/she anticipates will function more effectively in other positions.  These transfers shall be made within the guidelines of state laws, District policies and negotiated contracts.
    16. He/she shall submit the data from the Comprehensive Assessment Report, School Report Card, and/or other such reports of student/District performance as prescribed by and in accordance with requirements of the Commissioner of Education.

    Education Law Sections 1711 and 3003

    8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations

    (NYCRR) Section 100.2(m)

    Adopted:  5/8/00