5511 Types of Funds

  • 2000                          5511




            Funds shall be established as follows:

    1. General Fund
      This is the principal fund of the District.  It includes all operations not required to be recorded in other funds.
    2. Capital Fund
      These funds are provided to account for capital projects financed from the following:
      1. Current appropriations
      2. Transfers from other funds
      3. Bonds
      4. Bond Anticipation Note
      5. Capital Notes
      6. Capital Reserve Fund
    3. School Lunch Fund
      This is a fund to segregate the revenues and expenses of the District’s lunch and breakfast programs.
    4. Trust and Agency Fund
      This is a fund to account for money and other assets received and held by the District treasurer for the District, individuals or other governmental units., e.g., bonds for staff, retirement, insurance, prizes, trusts and memorials, etc.
    5. General Fixed Asset Fund
      This is an inventory of fixed assets with the monetary value of the inventory.
    6. Capital Indebtedness Fund
      This is an account to record the liability of outstanding capital indebtedness of bonds and notes.
    7. Special Fund
      These are accounts required to separate the receipts and expenditure of programs and/or projects not covered in the above.
    8. Extracurricular Funds
      This is an accounting of receipts and expenditures from student operated groups, i.e., student council, class funds, clubs, etc.

    Adopted:  5/8/00