6000 Identification Badges

  •  2013 6000



    The Geneva City School District is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students and employees. The District will issue Identification (ID) Badges to all full-time and part-time employees. The identification badge serves the dual purpose of allowing access to secured areas as well as readily identifying school District employees and other authorized personnel and intruders from entering District buildings.

    Employees and Temporary Staff

    Identification Badges will be issued by the Office of Human Resources to all existing and new employees. The badges will include the employee’s name and photo, together with building and/or District information. Badges shall be worn during the school day and when advising or chaperoning school-sponsored activities.

    Long-term substitute teachers and student teachers, who are assigned to District buildings for an extended period of time, may be issued a regular ID badge by the Office of Human Resources. Short-term substitute teachers, other temporary employees and contract staff will be required to sign in each time they enter a District building. A non-picture ID badge (visitor or other temporary badge) will be issued to staff members in this category and it will be their responsibility to return the badge upon leaving the building each day.

    The ID badge is the property of the School District and may only be used by the individual to whom it was issued. Employees may not loan their ID badge to anyone for any reason. Upon separation from employment, employees are required to return the ID badge.


    Visitors, including approved volunteers and vendors, will wear a “Visitor” identification badge after signing in and gaining permission to be on the premises during school hours. The badge must be worn in a highly visible manner while in District buildings and shall be surrendered when exiting the building.

    Administrative regulations shall be developed to implement the terms of this policy.

    Refer also to Policy # 3000 – Visitors to the Schools Adoption Date: 2/11/13