6130 Evaluation of Personnel

  • 2012                      6130



    The administration shall undertake a continuous program of supervision and evaluation of all personnel in the School District in order to promote improved performance and to make decisions about the occupancy of positions. Evaluation of teachers providing instructional services or pupil personnel services as defined pursuant to Commissioner's Regulations will be conducted in accordance with the District's Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR).

    The primary purposes of this evaluation are:

    1. To encourage and promote self-evaluation by personnel;
    2. To provide a basis for evaluative judgments by school administrators.

    District Plan

             The Superintendent, in collaboration with teachers, pupil personnel professionals, administrators, and parents, shall develop a professional performance review plan for the District. The plan can be annual or multi-year. The Board will approve the plan and make it available on the website for review by September 10 of each school year or within ten (10) days after its approval by the Commissioner, whichever is later. Parent organizations and representatives from teacher's bargaining units will be given an opportunity to comment on the plan before adoption.

    APPR Ratings

             The Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) will result in a single composite effectiveness score and a rating of "highly effective," "effective," "developing," or "ineffective." The composite score will be determined as follows:

    1. 20% - student growth on state assessments or a comparable measure of student achievement growth (increases to 25% upon implementation of a value-added growth model);
    2. 20% - locally selected measures of student achievement that are determined to be rigorous and comparable across classrooms (decreases to 15% upon implementation of a value-added growth model); and
    3. 60% - other measures of teacher/principal effectiveness.

    The ratings scale based on composite scores has been established by the State Education Department (SED):

    1. Highly Effective = composite effectiveness score of 91-100
    2. Effective = composite effectiveness score of 75-90
    3. Developing = composite effectiveness score of 65-74
    4. Ineffective = composite effectiveness score of 0-64.

             If a teacher or Principal is rated "developing" or "ineffective," the School District will develop and implement a teacher or Principal improvement plan. Tenured teachers and Principals with a pattern of ineffective teaching or performance, defined as two consecutive annual "ineffective" ratings, may be charged with incompetence and considered for termination through an expedited hearing process.

             The School District will ensure that all evaluators are appropriately trained and that an appeals procedure is established.

    8 NYCRR Sections 80-1.1 and 100.2(o)(2)

    Education Law 3012-c

    Adopted: 5/8/00

    Revised: 11/13/12