6230 Teaching Assistant

  • 2000  6230



             A teaching assistant must possess either a temporary license or a continuing certificate.

             A teaching assistant must serve under the general supervision of a licensed or certified teacher and may perform the following functions:

    1. Work with individual students or groups of students on special instructional projects;
    2. Provide the teacher with general information about students to aid the teacher in the development of appropriate learning experience;
    3. Assist students in the use of instructional resources and assist in the development of instructional materials;
    4. Utilize his or her own special skills and abilities in such areas as foreign language, arts, crafts, music and similar subjects; and
    5. Assist in related instructional work as required.

    8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations

    (NYCRR) Section 80.33(b)(2-3)

    Adopted:  5/8/00