Policy Council Meeting

    1. Welcome/establish quorum: 12–12:15 p.m.: Ahmad




    • Toscinia Elliot-Monclova- not present
    • Ahmad Whitfield- present
    • Jean Perkins- present
    • Iranisha Vazquez- not present
    • Margaret Mattison- present
    • William Parmer- not present
    • Dawn Stryker- not present

    Community Members

    • Marsha Foote- present
    • Chris Finger- not present
    • Benny Calderon- not present
    • James Grady- present
    • Christy Grady- present

    Quorum?         YES     


    • Karissa Schutt- not present
    • Jena Fuchs- present
    • Additional presenter (if applicable)- Kendra Winkleblack


    • May Farnsworth- not present                 

    2. Approval of minutes*: 12:15–12:20 p.m.: Ahmad

    Motion:  Marsha; Second: Margaret; Vote: All in favor       

    3. Monthly training; 12:10–12:30 p.m.; Kendra

    • Continue Self-Assessment
    • Review Student Outcome Data

    Kendra reviewed 3-year -old data, 4-year-old data, and delegate data as well.

    Three Year Old Half Day Classrooms

    Shown growth in Language and Cognitive.

    Four Year Old Full day Classrooms

    Show more gains than three year olds. Discussed how full-day gains are more significant than students who attend half day.

    Discussed how Ready Rosie program will give parents different tools for language, cognitive, speech, family interactions, fine motor skills, and activities for parents to engage with their children.

    4. Director’s Report: 12:30–12:50 p.m.: Karissa  & Jena       

    • Approval of updated school readiness goals*

    Motion:  Marsha; Second: Margaret; Vote: All in favor       

    • Program Instruction
    • Funding guidance letter
    • Scheduling of grant application review

    Discussed how requiring programs to move to full days is not a realistic idea due to funding but will push programs to strive to get to that point. This change would most impact our delegates who operate only half day classes.

    5. Budget/Finance: 12:50–12:55 p.m.: Karissa

    • Budget

    No questions/discussion.

    6. Parent Engagement Committee: 12:55–1 p.m.: Jena/parent rep

    • Spend Smart
    • Parent/child dance in March

    Spend Smart - Virginia Torruella is scheduled to come in and talk about budgeting and tips.

    Cooking workshop through Eat Smart New York is being provided, requires commitment to the sessions. Parent/child dance being planned. Requesting more help.

    7. Monthly Report: 1–1:10 p.m.:   All

                Questions/discussion- No discussion.

    8. Council Member Updates/Highlights: 1:10–1:20 p.m.: All

    Talked about the success in programs such as Paws Night, Dads Do Care, and others. Possible ideas for meeting space, gym time, and other activities.           

    9. Board of Education Liaison Updates: 1:20–1:30 p.m.: May

    10. Closing*: 1:30 p.m.

    Motion:  Margaret; Second: Marsha; Vote: All in favor     

    *indicates vote needed


    • Previous month’s minutes
    • Student Outcome Data
    • School Readiness Goals
    • Program Instruction
    • Funding guidance letter
    • Budget
    • Monthly Report