8250 Evaluation of the Instructional Program

  • 2000  8250



    Evaluation may be concerned with the extent to which: 

    1. Each student achieves in accordance with his/her ability;
    2. Each staff member performs at full potential;
    3. The total learning environment, including instructional processes, physical facilities, and the educational program, remains consistent with the needs of students and the larger society and contributes to the accomplishment of the goals of the school. 

    The Board of Education expects staff members to maintain a continual program of evaluation at every level to determine the extent of progress toward the schools' objectives.  The Board of Education will periodically request the Superintendent to present factual information that it considers necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the School System.

    8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations

    (NYCRR) Section 100.2(m)

    Adopted:  5/8/00