Policy Council Meeting

    1. Welcome/establish quorum: 12–12:15 p.m.: Ahmad


    • Ahmad Whitfield (Chair) – present
    • Iranisha Vazquez (Vice-Chair) – not present
    • Jean Perkins (Secretary) – not present
    • Toscinia Elliot-Monclova - present
    • Margaret Mattison – present

    Community Members

    • Marsha Foote – present
    • Chris Finger – present
    • Christy Grady – present
    • James Grady - present

    Quorum?        NO

    Staff/BOE Liaison

    • Additional presenter – Kendra Winkleblack-Kirk

    2. Approval of minutes*: 12:05–12:10 p.m.: Ahmad

    No suggested edits. ELECTRONICALLY APPROVED.

    3. Monthly training: 12:10–12:20 p.m.: Kendra                      

    • CLASS and CLASS score report

    Kendra explained CLASS scoring range of 1-7 and reverse scoring of negative climate. Explained that our scores came out just below the national scores except in behavior management, which we were higher, and teacher sensitivity, productivity, and concept development.  Also shared that our rater saw two lunches and asked questions while in dual language room.  Explained about the 10% recompetition and the process of Head Start taking scores within a timeframe from ‘area’ programs.  Also said we have plans for additional training next year already in place and have no concerns about the future of our program.  We will keep council up to date on any additional information from Head Start.

    4. Director’s Report: 12:20–12:50 p.m.: Ahmad          

    • ACF-PI-HS-18-02

    No comments or questions.

    5. Budget/Finance: 12:50–12:55 p.m.: Ahmad

    • Budget

    No comments or questions.

    6. Parent Engagement Committee: 12:55–1 p.m.: Parent rep

    • Spring Fling- 4/19/18 5–7 p.m., open to all Geneva pre-k sites

    Spring Fling discussion. Ahmad spoke about planning meetings.  Margaret volunteered to help.

    7. Monthly Report: 1–1:10 p.m.: All


    Ahmad shared details of monthly report.  Margaret spoke highly of cooking matters; Ahmad asked if dads could participate- we shared that it was open to any parent, just limited to how many could participate due to space. Additional conversations on Opening Doors and Daddies  Do Care. Marsha and James gave additional input about networking opportunities.

    8. Council Member Updates/Highlights: 1:10–1:20 p.m.: All

    Marsha talked about additional funding that will be distributed among 13 agencies (youth programs) - amount and allocation not determined yet. On April 24, 37 youth in nine districts will receive the youth recognition award.  Students that receive the award have overcome ACE situations. She also attended the suicide prevention meeting and shared information about an app available to those in need of help.  (TheElijahApp.com)

    9. Board of Education Liaison Updates: 1:20–1:30 p.m.: May

    Not present

    10. Closing*: 1:30 p.m.

    *indicates vote needed


    • Previous month’s minutes
    • CLASS Monitoring Review Report
    • ACF-PI-HS-18-02
    • Budget
    • Monthly Report