• Downloading the App

    The schooltool mobile app is available in the following locations:

    • From the App Store (for Apple devices)
    • From the Play Store (for Android)

    Using the App

    Logging In

    After installing and opening the schooltool mobile app, first time users will be prompted to enter schooltool credentials.

    The following fields are required:

    • URL: This is the fully qualified URL provided by your district; for example, https://mydistrict.com/schooltool
    • Username: This is the username assigned to your account in schooltool. This may be an email address, rather than a username, depending on your district’s configuration
    • Password: This is the password used to log into schooltool. Passwords are maintained by schooltool and cannot be changed from within the app

    If you wish to save your credentials and remain logged in, check the “Stay logged in” option. Any time you open the app, you will automatically be logged in using the credentials you entered. If you do not check this option, you will need to enter your credentials each time you open the app. You will continue to receive notifications, however, unless you have opted not to receive notifications or if your district is not using that feature.

    Note: Account credentials are maintained in schooltool and cannot be changed from within the app. If your password changes or expires, you will be logged out and will need to re-enter credentials.


    You can access the navigation menu at any time by swiping the screen horizontally from the edge of the screen, moving from left to right. This menu allows you to quickly navigate to any student screen.

    Home Screen

    After logging in successfully, you will be presented with a home screen that shows data for each student to whom you have access.

    • Courses: This shows the student’s current location, if available. Clicking on a student in this section will bring you to that student’s Courses view, where you can view full schedules.
      Assignments: This shows any assignments for the current day, including any assignment grades or assignments that are due. Clicking on a student in this section will bring you to that student’s Assignments view.
      Attendance: This shows any absences the student has received for the current day, including daily and course attendance. Clicking on a student in this section will bring you to that student’s Attendance view.

    Courses View

    The Courses view for a student includes 2 tabs (current and full schedule). Slide the screen horizontally to navigate between tabs.

    Today’s Schedule shows the student’s courses for the current cycle day, ordered by start period/time. Full Schedule shows the student’s schedule for all cycle days, grouped by semester. This tab shows the current semester’s schedule by default; to view other semesters, expand the group by pressing the button.

    Assignments View

    The Assignments view for a student includes 2 tabs (by date and by course). Slide the screen horizontally to navigate between tabs.

    The By Date tab shows assignments based on date, with the most recent at the top. The By Course tab shows assignments grouped by course, in alphabetically order by course, then sorted by date.

    Use the Filter button to change the marking period being shown.

    Attendance View

    The Attendance view for a student includes 2 tabs (daily and course attendance). Slide the screen horizontally to navigate between tabs.

    The Daily Attendance tab shows all daily absences, late arrivals/in records, and early dismissals/out records, organized by date.

    The Course Absences tab shows all period attendance. By default this tab shows only course absences not attributed to a daily absence; use the checkbox to include all course absences.

    Notifications for Graded Assignments

    When an assignment grade is entered or modified, users who have notifications enabled will receive a push notification. Notifications are sent when the teacher saves an assignment grade in the grade book editor when the following criteria are true:

    • The assignment is designated as “Allow Public Access”
    • The student received a grade, or an attribute of NC (No Credit; calculated as zero points)
    • The student did not receive an attribute of EX (Exempt)

    Note: When attributes that function as grade modifiers (points or percent modifiers) are assigned to a student’s grade, the attributes will be applied and the modified score will be reported in the notification.

    Enabling Notifications

    For Android, use the Settings area in the app to choose whether or not to receive notifications. For iOS users, this is managed in the Notification Center in your device’s Settings area.

    If your district does not have notifications turned on, you will not receive notifications regardless of whether or not this setting is checked.