Policy Council Meeting

    1. Welcome/establish quorum: noon to 12:05 p.m.: Ahmad




    • Ahmad Whitfield (Chair) – present
    • Iranisha Vazquez (Vice-Chair) – present
    • Jean Perkins (Secretary) – present
    • Toscinia Elliot-Monclova - present
    • Margaret Mattison – present

    Community Members

    • Marsha Foote – present
    • Chris Finger – present
    • Christy Grady – present
    • James Grady - present

    Quorum?        YES

    Staff/BOE Liaison

    • May Farnsworth- not present
    • Jena Fuchs- present
    • Karissa Schutt- not present
    • Additional presenter – Brittney Colf

    2. Approval of minutes*: 12:05–12:10 p.m.: Ahmad

    Motion: Toscinia; Second: Marsha; Vote: All in favor

    3. Monthly training: 12:10–12:20 p.m.: Brittney                     

    • Mental Health

    Brittney showed members resources on the ECLKC website then discussed the Conscious Discipline and Opening Doors parenting curriculums that she began implementing this year. Chris asked if she holds regular sessions with children or only responds to crisis. Brittney explained her Buddy TIme program where she meets regularly with identified children. Members were informed about yoga Brittney does with students weekly. Marsha said it seems like it would beneficial for Brittney to have her own space to offer yoga and parenting workshops. Marsha also asked if data is accessible on student mental health outcomes beyond Head Start in order to look at trends longitudinally. 

    4. Director’s Report: 12:20–12:50 p.m.: Ahmad/Jena

    • ACF-PI-HS-18-03
    • Policy Council recruitment for next year

    Jena explained format for family orientation scheduled for Sept. 4 where formal Policy Council recruitment would begin. Jay suggested hosting event on a Saturday afternoon as more of a family fun day event. Marsha suggested a road map theme for the family orientation where parents are entered into a raffle at the end. She offered to make and donate prizes. Jay suggested a link on the district website with training topics. A suggestion was also made for a recruitment video to be made. Jena will discuss suggestions with Karissa and keep them posted. Margaret suggested that parents each receive an invitation to attend at least one Policy Council meeting as early in the program year as possible in order to encourage involvement. Members think that an hour and a half is needed for the meetings. Iranisha, Ahmad, James Christy, Marsha, Margaret, and Chris are all interested in continuing to serve on Policy Council next school year.

    5. Budget/Finance: 12:50–12:55 p.m.: Ahmad/Jena

    • Budget

    No questions/discussion.

    6. Parent Engagement Committee: 12:55–1 p.m.: Jena

    • Tie-dye party recap
    • Upcoming field trips
    • Family portfolios for next year

    Jena shared out about the tie-dye party and details for upcoming events.

    7. Monthly Report: 1–1:10 p.m.: All


    No questions/discussion.

    8. Council Member Updates/Highlights: 1:10–1:20 p.m.: All          

    37 youth received a youth recognition award through the county. Marsha encouraged people to check out their calendar online for upcoming events. FLCC Geneva Campus is offering a STEAM program for 7th-12th graders. Margaret shared out about her experience with the Cooking Matters program.

    9. Board of Education Liaison Updates: 1:20–1:30 p.m.: May

    Not present.

    10. Closing*: 1:30 p.m.

    Meeting adjourned at 1:42 p.m.

    *indicates vote needed


    • Previous month’s minutes
    • ACF-PI-HS-18-03
    • Budget
    • Monthly Report