•  Common Special Education Acronyms 

    AIS — Academic Intervention Services

    AR — Annual Review

    BIP — Behavior Intervention Plan

    CDOS — Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential

    CM — Case Manager

    CPSE — Committee on Preschool Special Education

    CSE — Committee on Special Education

    CT — Consultant Teacher

    DOE — Department of Education

    ELL — English Language Learner

    FAPE — Free Appropriate Public Education

    FBA — Functional Behavior Assessment

    ICT — Integrated Co-Teaching

    IDEA — Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    IEP — Individualized Education Program

    LD — Learning Disability

    LRE — Least Restrictive Environment

    OHI — Other Health Impairment

    OT — Occupational Therapy

    PLEP — Present Levels of Educational Performance

    PT — Physical Therapy

    RR — Resource Room

    RS — Related Services

    RTI — Response to Interventions

    SE — Special Education