Parent Input Form

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    Dear Parents/Guardians of:

    Your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) includes areas for voicing your concerns and adding your input. This is so your voice will be heard as part of the official document. Please complete the following information and return it to your child’s teacher.

    Teacher name:

    (Dates and Modes of Attempted Contact)

    Academic Strengths

    In what subjects / areas do you feel your child does well?

    Academic Concerns

    In what subjects / areas does your child need more assistance?

    Consider your child’s organizational skills and study skills.  Do they seem appropriate for their grade level?

    Does your child have difficulty with understanding or completing homework assignments?

    In all subjects, what strategies, modifications or accommodations seem to work for your child?  What helps your child to learn?

    Social Strengths

    What are your child’s social strengths?

    Describe your child’s relationships with peers.

    Describe your child’s relationships with adults.

    Social Concerns

    What are some social areas that your child needs further development in?

    Does your child feel the same way about their relationships with peers/adults as you do?

    Physical Strengths

    Does your child do well in sports / athletics / physical activities?

    In what outside activities are they involved?

    How is their general health?

    Does your child wear prescription glasses / contact lenses, hearing aids, or other assistive devices?

    Physical Concerns

    Are there any health concerns?

    Does your child take any medications at home?

    Does your child take any medications at school?

    If yes, for what reason(s)?

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  • Parent Input Form

    It is the goal of the Geneva City School District that the information on our website be accessible to individuals with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive disabilities. If you are unable to access this document, please call our Department of Student Services at (315) 781-0400 ext. 1402

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