7410A Academic Eligibility Policy

  • 2020




    Students should possess the abilities to fully participate in student activities, including athletics and extracurricular activities, while at the same time, passing all of their courses. The Superintendent and/or the Designee shall create regulation that encourages students to maintain satisfactory academic standing, while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of participation in and attendance at athletics and extracurricular activities. Regulation will be designed to provide an incentive to be successful in academic pursuits, especially for those students who do not understand the long-term ramifications of failure in school, or for those who may feel overwhelmed when failing a course and do not take the proper steps to help themselves return to satisfactory academic standing.

    Adopted: 6/8/09
    Reviewed: 12/19/19
    Revised: 1/13/20
    2nd Reading and Adoption: 2/3/20