7410A Academic Eligibility Policy

  • 2009               7410A



    Philosophy Statement

    It is the belief of the District that students possess the abilities to fully participate in student activities, including athletics and co-curricular activities, while at the same time, passing all of their courses.  This academic eligibility policy describes a weekly remedial support system, which, when used effectively, encourages students to maintain satisfactory academic standing, while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of participation in and attendance at athletics and extracurricular activities.  This policy is designed to provide an incentive to be successful in academic pursuits, especially for those students who do not understand the long-term ramifications for failure in school, and/or for those who may feel overwhelmed when failing a course and cannot, or do not, take the proper steps to help themselves return to satisfactory academic standing.

    Policy Goals

    Faced with the loss of participation in or attendance at athletics and extracurricular activities, this policy is a tool for students and teachers to achieve the District goal as it relates to this area ………. all students passing all courses. This policy shall pertain to all students regardless of their participation in athletics and extra-curricular activities.


    Failing Grade - numerical grade of 64.9 or below.  In non-credit bearing courses, failure shall be defined by insufficient effort on the part of the student to achieve a passing grade of 65.

    Warning List - a listing of students who are failing one or two subject areas.

    Ineligible List - a listing of students who are failing three or more subject areas, or who are currently on the warning list and failing to make adequate progress towards satisfactory academic standing.

    Policy Methods

    Participation in and attendance at grades 6-12 extracurricular activities and athletics is a privilege.  Participation may serve as motivation for some students to improve academic performance.  Communication between teachers and students is vital to the success of this policy.  Students are responsible to know their academic average by seeking the teacher out or checking the posted list.

    Students who are failing one or two subjects will be given an opportunity to improve academic performance and maintain eligibility for athletics and extracurricular activities.  If a student is failing three or more subjects, they will be deemed to be ineligible for further participation, until such time as they have adequately addressed their academic standing, as determined by the faculty, administration and athletic department.  Academic failure shall

    be defined as, the student's inability or unwillingness to make sufficient effort to improve academic performance and will result in ineligibility. 

    "Ineligibility" shall mean the student may practice or rehearse for, but may not participate in non-grade bearing performances or trips. It shall mean that a student-athlete may practice and attend athletic competition with their associated team, shall be dressed in uniform, may not compete and shall be under the supervision of their coach. Any student or student-athlete deemed “ineligible” may not attend athletic events, co-curricular events, trips or performances as a spectator.

    In addition, non-credit bearing courses such as ESL, Resource Room and Remediation Classes will be evaluated on the basis of the effort shown by the student in returning to satisfactory academic standing.

    The activities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Athletics
    • Homecoming
    • All County Music Festivals
    • Musicals
    • Intramurals
    • Exceptional Senior Contests
    • Clubs
    • Color Guard
    • Dances (Including Prom &
    • Play
    • Senior Class Events
    • Semi-Formal)
    • Student Council
    • Weight Room
    • Enrichment Trips               
    • Activity Night 
    • Athletic Contests (Beyond School Day)                                                        

    During the first two weeks of the school year, initial eligibility will be determined, as indicated by academic performance.  The initial academic eligibility list for the school year will be published on the third Monday following the beginning of the school year in September.  Each week thereafter, academic eligibility will be determined by an assessment of the effort shown by the student to improve the quarter grade, as determined by the teacher.

    Students with a failing grade in any subject for the current quarter will be placed on the Warning List.  The Warning List will be posted each Monday morning, in designated areas throughout the building, listed by student identification number.  Teachers will prepare Warning Lists information, using our Schoolmaster software, no later than 12:00 noon each Friday.  In the event there are no classes scheduled on Fridays, this information will be provided by noon on the preceding day.

    After one week on the Warning List or Ineligible List, a determination will be made as to whether the student:

    • Shall remain on the Warning List
    • Shall be removed from the Warning List
    • Shall be placed on the Ineligible List
    • Shall be moved from the Ineligible List to the Warning List
    • Shall be moved from the Ineligible List to the Eligible List

    To be removed from the Warning List, a student must be maintaining a passing grade in all courses. 

    If a student on the Warning List has not made sufficient effort to improve the grade, as determined by the teacher, the student will be placed on the Ineligible List and not permitted to participate in athletic contests and school sponsored extracurricular activities.  Teachers are expected to communicate with their students about requirements for removal from the Ineligible List, and restoration to satisfactory academic standing.

    Reporting Periods, Vacation and Recess Periods

    The ineligible period runs from Monday at 8:00 a.m. to the following Monday at 8:00 a.m.  During the week following the end of a marking period, students may be placed on the Warning List, based upon their grades for the prior marking period.

    Students will be ineligible during extended vacations.  Upon returning from vacation, students who were ineligible prior to vacation will remain ineligible until the new Warning and Ineligible Lists are posted.

    Students who are ineligible will be permitted to try-out or audition, for any activity when try-outs or auditions are required for participation.

    If a student drops a course, and is on the Ineligible List, the student will be ineligible for the balance of the Ineligible Period.

    If a student is on the Ineligible list for three (3) consecutive weeks, the student will be “dropped” from the athletic team or extra-curricular activity.

    Appeal Process

    If a student believes they should not have been placed on the Warning List or Ineligible List, they should contact their teacher for each of the respective courses for which they are listed, to discuss their concerns.  If there was an error in the computation of the grade, the teacher will notify the Building Principal and Athletic Department, of the correction, in writing. 

    If the student still disagrees with the determination of their eligibility status, they may appeal to the Director of Athletics within 48 hours from the time the Warning List or Ineligible List is posted.  The Athletic Director and Principal may exercise discretion in addressing mitigating circumstances.  The Athletic Director or designee will have final authority for eligibility decisions.

    Notification and Dissemination of Academic Eligibility Policy

    Students will be informed of the provisions of the Academic Eligibility Policy, including but not limited to school meetings, athletic team meetings, extra-curricular activities meetings and “Meet the Coaches Night” Information Meeting.

    Academic Eligibility Policy will be included in the Athletic Handbook, Student Handbook and any other outlets deemed appropriate for effective distribution. Copies of the Academic Eligibility Policy are available by request from the secondary school principals and Athletic Director.

    Revised:  6/8/09

    Adopted: 6/8/09