• 2003  7120



    Kindergartens are established in the Geneva City School District to meet the needs of children and in conformity with State Law and good educational practice.  The following are expected:

    1. All five year old children will be admitted at the opening of school in September provided that the child has passed his/her fifth birthday or will have passed it on or before the following December 1, and that this fact is established by birth certificate or other legally accepted evidence.  Children who live in Geneva at the time of the opening of school and wish to attend kindergarten during the given school year must enter the kindergarten in September of that year.  Children who move into the District after the opening of school in September and have not been attending kindergarten will be admitted at any time up to and including February 1, if they are of the proper kindergarten age.  Children moving into the city from some district where they have been attending kindergarten will be admitted at any time during the school year.
    2. Each kindergarten child shall bring a birth certificate, and a certificate of immunization as required.
    3. Children who are four years of age and will not be five before December 1, as indicated in the above, may be considered for early entrance into kindergarten upon parental request if they posses a maturity which will enable them to successfully prosper in this setting.  This particular situation will be evaluated by the pupil services staff and the appropriate kindergarten teacher with recommendation to the Superintendent for final approval.  Written parental request for such an evaluation must be received by the 1st day of May.  A child so placed will be re-evaluated by the kindergarten teacher and pupil services staff within twenty school days to determine if placement is proper for continuation or withdrawal.

    First Grade

    First grade is provided for all children who have successfully completed kindergarten in the Geneva Public Schools or who will be six years of age by December 1.  Transfers to the first grade from private kindergarten or from kindergartens of public schools outside the City of Geneva or students who have not attended school before, will be placed in first grade only after appropriate study indicates the child is ready for first grade.

    Special Notes:

    1. Parent(s) will be invited to present any information they wish.  A social history will be conducted.
    2. The school psychologist may choose to observe the child in a preschool or kindergarten environment, and/or interview the child’s teacher.
    3. The school psychologist will base his/her final recommendation (to be given to the Superintendent) on the available information including consultation with one or more district kindergarten teacher and the school principal.
    4. Final placement determination belongs to the District’s Superintendent, based on the recommendation of the school psychologist.
    5. All early entry placements shall be recommended on a trial basis of not more than two school months.