Policy Council Meeting Agenda
    March 8, 2019

    1. Welcome/establish quorum: 11–11:35 a.m.

    • Webinar from Dr. Bergeron           

    Members watched vlog from Dr. Bergeron regarding supporting families and children experiencing homelessness. Jena shared that in Geneva, we are currently serving 18 families experiencing homelessness. This accounts for 21% of our enrollment. She also discussed systemic ways in which the school district and our program has adjusted its practices in order to identify. Marsha suggested that the director of Family Promise come talk to members. Cristina shared that family services staff recently met with the director. Marsha then shared about the services Family Promise provides to families and children experiencing homelessness.                       



    • Gloria Allen (Chair) - present
    • William Parmer (Vice-Chair) - officially resigned
    • LaSha Sullivan (Secretary) - absent (excused)
    • Iranisha Vazquez - absent (unexcused)
    • Casey Woody- present
      Community Members:
    • Marsha Foote - present
    • Chris Finger - present
      Quorum? No

    Staff/BOE Liaison

    • Emily Fisher - present
    • Karissa Schutt- absent
    • Cristina Reale- present
    • Jena Fuchs- present
    • Additional presenter – Sue Mook        

    2. Approval of minutes*: 11:35–11:40 a.m.: Gloria

    • February

    Electronically approved March 19, 2019 

    3. Director’s Report: 11:40–11:50 a.m.: Jena   

    • Self-Assessment & Program Improvement Plan*

    Marsha commented that the ratio requirements remain a concern to her because it seems to be impacting staff morale. To address ratio requirements, it was suggested that we partner with local colleges and workforce development to look into internship possibilities. The integration of UPK students into our Head Start classrooms was also discussed.


    Electronically approved March 19, 2019

    • Updates to five year goals*

    Jena explained that our staff meeting on April 5, our staff will be participating in a data walk activity that will help form our five-year goals. 

    Electronically approved March 19, 2019

    • Single Audit
    • Review PC training plan- input for next year

    Gloria commented that from her experience on Policy Council several years ago compared to now, she has seen many improvements. Chris and Marsha agreed that the training plan seems to be working well and giving them the information on our program they need. Increasing Policy Council membership was brought up and Casey said that offering transportation may help parents commit. 

    4. Monthly training: 11:50 a.m.–12 p.m.: Sue

    ●      Health & Nutrition Policies & Procedures*

    Sue discussed some highlights of our recently updated policies and procedures such as our process for notifying parents of their children’s screening results. Our program’s continued encouragement of family style meals in all classrooms was also explained to members. Sue informed members of our upcoming Health Advisory Committee meeting. Because 38% of currently enrolled children are considered obese, the advisory will focus on nutrition. Cooking Matters, a 6 week nutrition program offered to families through a partnership with Cornell Cooperative, will also be starting soon. Marsha asked if our program has been in contact with Theresa Schaffer with Public Health and Sue said we have. Sue mentioned that our program’s tower garden will be planted and will support the cooking matters program as well.  

    Electronically approved March 19, 2019 

    5. Budget/Finance: 12–12:05 p.m.: Karissa

    • Budget

    No discussion. 

    6. Parent Engagement Committee: 12:05–12:10 p.m.: Cristina

    • Share out from recent committee meeting

    Held parent committee meeting. Parents want to focus on planning evening events for families who work during the day. Discussed holding events during PAWS night around economic mobility and other adult education topics. Casey recommended bring back wooden book boxes where families painted boxes that children would receive to keep their books in. Cristina talked about parents wanting a moving up ceremony for 4-year-olds transitioning to kindergarten. Marsha suggested approaching SUCCESS for Geneva’s Children for funding to support the event because of their focus on early education and school readiness.

    • Fitness Event/Spring Fling

    Fitness event will be a father figure targeted event held during a PAWS night. Ahmad Whitfield has agreed to help coordinate activities for this event. Marsha suggested calling it Fitness Champions. Spring Fling will also be coming up. Members will be informed about dates once confirmed.  

    7. Delegate Site Monitoring Updates: 12:10–12:15 p.m.: Jena

    • Mentorship and coaching plans

    Jena shared plans moving forward for coordinators at Geneva site to offer training and mentoring to their delegate counterparts. 

    8. Monthly Report: 12:15–12:20 p.m.: All

    • Questions/discussion

    No discussion. 

    9. Council Member Updates/Highlights: 12:20–12:25 p.m.: All

    Marsha currently has 13 RFPs of programs looking for funding. April 3 there will be a press conference called Stamp it Out in support of ending sexual exploitation of children in our county. 

    10. Board of Education Updates : 12:25–12:30 p.m.: Emily

    District audits did not come back with any major red flags. There will four BOE seats open. Now is the time to come forward as a candidate and begin petitions if interested. 

    11. Closing*: 12:30 p.m. 

    Meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

    *indicates vote needed


    • Previous month’s minutes
    • Self-Assessment & Program Improvement Plan
    • Five year goals
    • Single Audit
    • Health & Nutrition Policies & Procedures
    • Budget
    • Monthly Report
Attendance of PC members by month: P-Present E-Excused A-Absent R- resigned