Re-Entry: Transportation

  • bus The Transportation Department will provide services to homes for pickup and return of students for normal school-day times. The Transportation Department will meet the New York State Education Departments Guidelines by ensuring that:

    • All students wear a mask if physically able to do so;
    • No child is denied transportation for not using a mask;
    • If a child does not have a mask, a mask is provided by the school district;
    • Each bus has masks/gloves and sanitation wipes;
    • If a child does not have a mask or refuses to wear a mask, at least four empty seats in the front of the bus are reserved for that child to remain six feet from any other children;
    • Buses are cleaned/disinfected after morning and afternoon runs; the disinfection process will require a bus to sit for two hours;
    • High contact areas such as hand rails and driver dashboard are sanitized regularly;
    • Hand sanitizer gels/ sprays are not allowed on the school bus for employees and students;
    • Training on the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, signs/symptoms of COVID-19, social distancing occur at the  mandatory refresher training for bus drivers and bus monitors; drivers and monitors will continue to have routine trainings at least once a week; and
    • Bus monitors/attendants are required to wear gloves.
    • If the school is in session remotely, transportation will be provided to nonpublic, parochial, private and charter schools our students whose IEPs have placed them out of district if those schools are meeting in-person.

Social Distancing on the Bus

bus layout showing one student per row
  • FLTCC COVID Driving Pass

    To promote social distancing, ensure student access and ease component districts’ transportation, the WFL-BOCES will allow students to drive to WTCC and FLTCC for the 2020-21 school year. This pass will retain the same conditions and responsibilities and will be discontinued when the current health crisis has ended. This document will be issued by home school personnel and copies will be retained at the home school and the Tech Centers.

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Last Modified on August 28, 2020