Re-Entry: Instruction: Teaching & Learning

  • hand with apple The district is committed to ensuring a safe, equitable, and engaging learning environment for all students. Whether in-person, hybrid or remote, student needs and requirements for high-quality instruction will be put at the center of all learning experiences. The district Reopening Plan addresses aspects of teaching and learning for all students PK–12. Although the resources and modes of instruction may change, curricular resources and the continuity of learning will be fully aligned with the New York State (NYS) Learning Standards. The district supports substantive daily interactions in a variety of modes between teachers and students, as well as clear communication between parents and guardians regarding instructional plans.

    Instructional Models & Schedules

    Educational Programming

    Per Commissioner’s regulations, all district students will receive instruction designed to facilitate the attainment of the NYS Learning Standards. Curricular resources will ensure that all students receive high-quality, rigorous, and standards-based instruction that will meet academic learning needs in all curricular areas. 

    • The school district will follow the BOE approved school calendar.
    • Curricular guidelines aligned to state and national standards and established at the local level will be followed.
    • Curricular pacing guides will be created/updated to reflect a combination of in-person and remote learning.
    • Normal procedures for providing students with instruction and materials aligned with their individual learning needs will be in practice PK–12.
    • Teachers at all levels will identify priority standards/skills in all content areas and at all levels of instruction ensuring that all students have the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful at the next grade level.
    • A learning management platform will be utilized that serves as a forum for teachers to answer student questions/concerns and to provide feedback.

    Specific Areas of Instruction

    Early Learning

    • Head Start/Universal Pre-K (UPK) programs will comply with federal, state and local educational and health and safety guidelines including New York State Education Department (NYSED) reopening requirements.
    • All UPK/Expanded Pre-K (EPK) Community Based Organization (CBO) sites will follow district decisions on in-person, hybrid or remote options.
    • In-person site visits will be held quarterly (at a minimum) to ensure compliance.
    • CBO sites are required to submit a Continuing of Learning plan to the district director of Head Start/UPK if their plan of instruction and attendance model changes from that of the district.
    • An on-site health and safety check using an Office of Early Learning State Education Department approved document will be conducted within the first quarter of the year.

    Science Laboratory Requirements

    • 1200 minutes of Regents course laboratory experiences can be met through hands-on laboratory experiences, virtual laboratory experiences, or a combination of virtual and hands-on laboratory experiences coupled with satisfactory lab reports for the 2020–21 school year.

     Physical Education, Arts, Music & Library

    • Lessons will be planned around available space for instruction.
    • Shared materials and surfaces will be cleaned following appropriate CDC state and local guidelines.
    • Physical education classes will occur outside to the greatest extent possible. When not possible, classes will occur in classroom spaces and planning considerations will be given to available square footage per student. Games and activities that do not require physical contact and do not require students to be in close proximity to each other are expected when appropriate social distancing is not an option.
    • Increased social distancing of 12 feet apart in all directions will be maintained between individuals while participating in activities requiring aerobic activity, heavy breathing, voice projection or playing a wind instrument.
    • Vocal and instrumental music may occur in ensembles (using options such as outside, etc.) but will occur in lesson groups. Instruments will not be shared among students or staff.
    • Library media specialists will support high-quality instruction in all models of instruction to help students gain information, media, and digital fluency skills.

    Academic Intervention Services

    • Students in grades 3–8, including students with disabilities and English language learners (ELLs), who are identified through a district developed procedure as not achieving state learning standards in English language arts, mathematics, social studies, and or science will be entitled to Academic Intervention Services.

    Career & Technical Education

    • Career and Technical Education (CTE) coursework and laboratory/clinical instruction will continue to be taught by appropriately certified CTE teachers and will continue to follow curriculum guidelines established for the designated program.

    Work-Based Learning

    • Collaboration with business and industry partners will occur to identify and ensure safe and healthy work-based learning opportunities.
    • Opportunities for work-based learning will be provided either in-person or remotely to the extent possible.
    • Priority for work-site placements should be given to students who need work-based learning hours to meet graduation or Career Development and Occupational Studies exit credential requirements.
    • Internships and clinical work hours will adhere to the Department of Health regulations.
    • BOCES Programming will adhere to the BOCES schedule, guidelines, and requirements.

    Technology Services

    • The Technology Services Department will provide devices for students to support the learning environment for all modes of instruction. The Technology Services Department will meet the NYSED guidelines by ensuring that:
    • All students and teachers will have a dedicated device;
    • Students in grades 1–12 will receive a Chromebook;
    • Kindergarten students receive an iPad;
    • High speed connectivity is available on campus for instruction;
    • Students, parents and teachers have been surveyed for level of access to devices and high-speed Internet; and
    • Information for students, parents and teachers is available on the district website with a request form for those in need of devices or mobile WiFi units as practicable.

    Assessment and Grading

    Assessment and grading policies continue to be the purview of each local school within the district. Given the flexible instructional models, elementary and secondary assessment and grading policies will be determined and communicated to parents and caregivers. Assessment and grading policies will clearly align to the outcomes of the course and the NYS Learning Standards.

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Last Modified on August 28, 2020