Re-Entry: Communications

  • The Geneva City School District worked with a Reopening Task Force of over 60 members to develop our Responsible Re-Entry plan. You will find all details of the plan by clicking on the icons below. Additionally, you read or download the full plan as a PDF. If you prefer, read our Executive Summary for the essential details.

  • computer and globe Communication with community stakeholders was foundational to the creation of the district’s Responsible Re-Entry Plan, and will continue to be so during its implementation. The district launched a Task Force over 60 members to develop the plan. Surveys were conducted during the drafting phase and will continue to be conducted throughout finalization and implementation. The essentials of the plan will be made available in a variety of formats, including written, digital, video and verbal. If you require a printed copy of the plan, please contact our public relations officer by e-mail at or phone at (315) 781-0400 ext. 1102.


    • The Reopening Task Force included over 60 members, with staff, parent and community representation.
    • Plan information will be provided to the local news media and City of Geneva.
    • Families will be encouraged to comment on the plan during the drafting, publication and implementation phases by way of virtual roundtable discussions (during drafting), public Board of Education meetings (during drafting and publication) and surveys (during drafting and after implementation).

    Continuing Communications

    • This Responsible Re-Entry Plan and a plain language executive summary will be published on at COVID-19>Reopening in English and Spanish.
    • A robocall, e-mail and text message will notify staff and families of publication and provide a brief overview .
    • The executive summary will be mailed to families in English and Spanish.
    • Any updates and changes to the Responsible Re-Entry Plan will be communicated quickly and clearly:
    • Substantive changes impacting all staff and/or families will be communicated by website (including on-screen alerts), robocall, e-mail and SMS;
    • Substantive changes impacting specific families (e.g. scheduling changes in one building) will be relayed by website (including on-screen alerts) and targeted robocall, e-mail and text message and/or TalkingPoints;
    • Non-substantive changes with minimal impact will be communicated via website (including on-screen alert); and
    • A hotline will be established and publicized offering a regularly updated recording of any updates in English and Spanish.
    • The Communications Office will create and maintain a checklist of platforms to ensure communications protocols are adhered to.

    Point of Contact

    The district has established a three-tier point of contact for communications in the event of a positive COVID-19 case:

    • The COVID coordinator will be responsible for all required communications with the Department of Health and impacted family/families;
    • The superintendent will announce the news to the broader community; and
    • The public relations officer will be responsible for subsequent communications with families and news media as needed.


    • Any digital publications will be ADA web compliant.
    • Captioning will be provided with all videos.
    • Provision will also be made to provide a large-print version of the plan upon request to those with visual impairments.
  • Esta información está en proceso de traducirse al español. Para ayuda, envíe correo electrónico a Liliana Sánchez o llame al (315) 781-0400 ext. 1405.

Last Modified on August 28, 2020