Diversity Recruitment & Retention Plan

  • Geneva City School District is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion. We are focused on equity and believe deeply that diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and all the other characteristics makes us a stronger community. 

    We are committed to recruiting and hiring candidates who make the Geneva City School District diverse and inclusive. We are actively seeking diverse staff members and faculty who represent a multicultural and diverse Geneva community and World.

    Objective of this Plan

    To establish a workforce that represents the student body and community in which we serve by hiring faculty, staff and administrators that are diverse or have a commitment to embracing diversity in our school district.

    Action Steps

    1. Recruitment Strategies
      • Attend recruitment fairs outside the region and state.
      • Attend national conferences with a focus on bilingual programs and diversity.
      • Make connections with colleges and universities with schools of education that have bilingual programs and diversity programs. (See Contacts)
      • Advertise with professional organizations. (Latino NY, OLAS and RecruitFront)
      • Encourage a “Grow Your Own” program in the school district to promote from within the workforce.
      • Encourage and support graduating students to enter college programs in the education field.
      • Utilize social media platforms to further expand the district’s reach.
      • Utilize the branding of “who we are.”
      • Recruit continuously, not only when there are openings to maintain a network.
      • Maintain a file of resumes and contact information for potential candidates from underrepresented groups.
    2. Hiring Process
      • Ensure the use of the four identified questions to be asked of applicants involving diversity. (See Questions)
      • Identify biases in the interview process.
      • Review and update current practices in the hiring process.
      • Create a diverse recruiting and/or hiring team.
    3. Retention
      • Analyze the data from exit interviews.
      • Provide professional development opportunities on equality and culturalism.
      • Survey the workforce on working conditions.
      • Utilize grants to assist in certifications for bilingual teachers and difficult-to-find tenure areas.


  • Dr. Katie Heath
    PTT Program Director Roberts
    Wesleyan College
    (585) 594-6685 

    Kai M. Strange
    Director, Urban Teacher Opportunity Partnerships Program
    Nazareth College
    (585) 389-2684 

    Frank Rossi
    Associate Chair and Lecturer Brockport College
    (585) 395-5684

    Gloria Diaz Urbina
    Dean of Students
    University of Puerto Rico
    (787) 764-0000 ext. 86251 

    Meredith Richel
    Assistant Director of Career Development
    Keuka College
    (315) 279-5472

    Andie Huskie
    Director, Teacher Education Program
    Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    (315) 871-3444