Teacher Hiring Process

  • For teaching positions, the following process will be followed:

    1. Position posted when there is a vacancy: The Human Resources Department will review each position as it comes open to determine if the position will be filled or changed.
    2. After the posting closes, Human Resources will screen the applicants and then notify the principal/director by e-mail that the applications are ready for review. Those applicants that do not get interviewed will be sent a regrets letter from Human Resources.
    3. Principal/Director will proceed with the interview committee. Principal/Director should try to have the finalist teacher applicants teach a lesson. For any applicant that is interviewed a letter of regret will be sent from the principal's/director's office.
    4. Principal/Director will make a recommendation of the desired applicant to Human Resources. Human Resources will then make a job offer with salary.
    5. The applicant is hired, and the onboarding process will start.