Geneva CSD Registration

  • Central Registrar (K–12)

    Tosci Monclova

    Ms. Toscinia Elliott-Monclova
    E-mail Ms. Monclova
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1502

  • Family Service Facilitator (Pre-K Registrar)

    Cecilia Rodriguez
    E-mail Ms. Rodriguez
    Phone: (315) 781-4104 ext. 7008

  • What to Expect

    Phase 1

    • You must complete the Required Forms (see Requirements above)
    • You must submit Supporting Documents (see Requirements above)

    Phase 2

    • We will request records from your student's previous school, if applicable
    • We will review records upon receipt

    Phase 3

    • We will call you to set up an appointment, if necessary, and let you know your student's start date
    • We will call you with your student's school bus information, if transportation was requested