GHS Athletic Clubs

  • 5K Club

    Advisor: Greg Baker
    This club focuses on healthy lifestyles and learning how to incorporate runing into your routine. Students will learn about 5K events and how to train for an event.

    Ski Club

    Advisor: Saul Shama
    Students Ski & Snowboard at Bristol Mountain a minimum of six times throughout the season. This club celebrates the love of all things winter.


    Advisor: Jake Herendeen
    This club focuses on outdoor activity through recreation and community service. We go on hikes/walks in the local area, build trails for the community and clean up local public forest areas. We take part in environmental stewardship, wildlife viewing, photography and study of local history.

    Varsity Club

    Advisor: Lauren Natti
    This club promotes athletics by encouraging student body in grades 9–12 participation both as players & spectators. A student must earn a minimal one numeral and one  letter in any one or more of our interscholastic sports. Students must consistently exemplify in good standing, the expectations in the Athlete's Creed. Submit your application for consideration in the Athletic Director's Office.

    More information on Geneva High athletic opportunities is available in Sports Offered.


Last Modified on July 20, 2021