How to Find a Good Book

  • Things Book Lovers Do

    Following are several resources to help you select a good book to read.

    A (Baker's) Dozen Ways to Pick a Great Book by Judy Freeman

    1. It has a compelling cover.
    2. The title sounds intriguing.
    3. It was recommended by a friend whose opinion you trust.
    4. It was made into a movie.
    5. It is one of a series you've enjoyed.
    6. You are crazy about the author's other books.
    7. You are fascinated by that theme or subject.
    8. The book flap or back cover blurb draws you in...
    9. Looking inside, you find the chapter titles or illustrations irresistible.
    10. The first sentence or paragraph or page makes you want to keep reading.
    11. It's on display in the library.
    12. You read a great review of it online or in a magazine or newspaper.
    13. It won a medal or prize.