Capital Project

  • The capital project was approved by voters in December 2015 with approximately 80 percent in favor.

    Work is currently underway for Phase I of the capital project, which includes demolition of Loman Field House (completed) and construction of a new stadium behind Geneva High School (scheduled for completion in fall 2017). The new stadium will feature artificial turf and an eight-lane, all-weather track. The new field will serve as a physical education space and host multiple sports (instead of only football and lacrosse). Additionally, the new structure will be Title IX and ADA compliant, replacing the 1923 field house, which was not. 

    Plans for Phase II of the project was approved by the state in spring 2017. This encompasses indoor work. Work includes securing the main entrances at Geneva High and North Street, indoor athletic renovations at the high school, a new classroom at North and other interior renovations in both places. Based on recommendations from project architects and construction managers, the district has decided to issue an addendum deferring bids for similar work at West Street School until closer to spring 2019, when work there will begin. 

    Once completed, the district will boast updated facilities in keeping with the needs of a growing student population. This includes an expansion at North Street (currently housing grades 3–5), allowing the district to transfer second grade from West Street School, which faces overcrowding and cannot expand in its congested neighborhood. Additional upgrades include security improvements for safer buildings, infrastructure renovations and educational enhancements.