Technology FAQs

  • How do I borrow a school computer?

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    Students in PK–12 are eligible to borrow an iPad or Chromebook (depending on grade level) from the district in the event of a move to virtual learning.  If your student has not yet been issued a device, please contact your building principal.

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  • My Chromebook isn't working.

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    If your device is broken (for example, the screen is cracked or black, keys or the trackpad is not working), you will need to contact your child's school during school hours to exchange devices. For all other technical assistance, call or e-mail the Help Desk.

    Please contact the Help Desk at or call (315) 781-0400 ext. 1010. The Help Desk is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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  • How do I sign on to my Chromebook from home?

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    Connect to a wifi network

    Sign in


    Password: Your child knows their password

    Two-Step Verification

    Type in a cell phone number

    You will receive a text message with the verification code to type into the Chromebook

    Type in the verification code

    The Chromebook will function exactly as if we were in school

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  • How do students access their e-mail off campus?

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    The district uses Gmail for student e-mail accounts. Sign in to Google with your district username and password. Then look for the Gmail link at the top right of your browser.

    Alternatively, students can access Gmail through their Classlink by selecting the Gmail icon. You will be prompted for your Google username and password. It will save your credentials and you will not have to enter them again. 

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  • I'm not receiving e-mails from the district.

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    You may need to add school e-mails to your 'Safe Sender' lList

    To ensure that you receive e-mails and that they display properly, we recommend adding the e-mail address or domain to your list of safe senders.

    If you go to the link below, it will give you instructions on adding a particular e-mail address or the domain to your safe sender's list.

    If you are a Time Warner subscriber with a e-mail address:

    From the inbox, select settings

    Select Junk Mail Options: confirm Delete is NOT selected

    Select Filters Options: Make sure there are NO filters

    Select Allow and Block Messages Options:  Blocked Mail Actions:  confirm Delete mail from blocked senders is NOT selected

    You can also enter a specific email address in the Allow Block.

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