Unit 2 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 2 Essential Questions

    1. How do the movements of people and ideas (cultural diffusion) affect world history?
    2. How does technological change affect people, places, and regions?
    3. What defines a turning point?

    Unit 2 Focus Questions

    1. Why did early peoples migrate from place to place?
    2. What does the use of tools tell us about early peoples?
    3. Why is the Neolithic Revolution considered a turning point in history?
    4. What was the relationship between the Neolithic Revolution and the development of early civilizations?
    5. What political systems developed in early river civilizations?
    6. What is a traditional economy?
    7. How did the Bantu migration change sub-Saharan Africa?
    8. How did the shift from hunting/gathering to agricultural societies affect gender roles?