Transportation Requests

    1. Emergency same day changes = student will not be placed on a bus – responsible adult will pick the student up from school.
    2. Requests must be consistent Monday through Friday.
    3. If assigned daycare facility is closed student will be transported to the morning pickup location at the end of the day.
    4. Emergency early dismissals, half day, daycare closing transportation requests will follow protocols in steps 5–9 below.
    5. All transportation changes must be submitted to the school on a signed request form by the legal parent or guardian
    6. Once the form is received and approved by the transportation director, it will take two business days to take effect. If your request is denied, you will be notified the reason why request was denied.
    7. Building secretaries will hold changes until the end of the day — send them to transportation after 3 p.m. (or before they leave for the day) via e-mail to both dispatchers Kathy and Courtney.
    8. Transportation will process change requests – send approvals or denials to building secretaries – notify families of approval or denial.
    9. School secretaries will contact transportation to request an updated afternoon bus list at least once a month.