Unit 3 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 3 Essential Questions

    1. Why do civilizations rise and fall?
    2. After it falls, what impact does a civilization have on history?
    3. How do physical and human geography affect people, places and regions?
    4. Are conflicts between nations and/or people inevitable?

    Unit 3 Focus Questions

    1. What makes a civilization “classical?” What were the contributions of classical civilizations to human history?
    2. What was the status and role of women in the classical civilizations?
    3. How did geography affect the rise of city-states in Greece and the rise of the Roman Empire?
    4. What impact did the monsoons have on the historic and economic development of the Indian Sub-Continent?
    5. How are contemporary democratic governments rooted in classical traditions?
    6. What impact did Greek civilization have over time?
    7. Why did the Chinese define their history in terms of dynastic cycles?
    8. To what extent did the Han and Roman Empires establish institutions and define values that endured for many centuries?
    9. What technological innovations were introduced during this period?
    10. What caused the fall of the Han and Roman Empires?