Unit 6 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 6 Essential Questions

    1. How are economic systems structured to meet the needs and wants of different societies?
    2. What assumptions do different groups hold about power, authority, governance, and law?

    Unit 6 Focus Questions

    1. What factors led to the rise of feudal Europe?
    2. Why was feudal Europe considered an example of political decentralization?
    3. What social inequalities existed in the feudal system?
    4. In what ways did the Roman Catholic Church become more influential in Western Europe after the fall of Rome in the 5th Century? What spiritual and secular roles did the Roman Catholic Church have?
    5. What was the social structure of feudal Europe?  What role did chivalry play in this social structure?
    6. How were the manors self-sufficient?  In what ways does this relate to manorialism?