Unit 8 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 8 Essential Questions

    1. How physical and human geography affect people, places and regions?
    2. How do movement of people and ideas (cultural diffusion) affect world history?
    3. To what extent is life a constant struggle between continuity and change?
    4. How does the individual influence world events?
    5. What impact do regional and global trade networks have on world cultures?

    Unit 8 Focus Questions

    1. How has geography influenced the history, society, and culture of Japan?
    2. Why is the Tokugawa Shogunate such an important aspect of Japanese history? What changes took place during this time period?

    3. What are the similarities and differences between European and Japanese feudal societies?
    4. What were the major contributing influences of the development of the Mongol Empire? Who were the key personalities that expanded the empire?

    5. Where were the boundaries of the Mongol Empire? What is a khanate?

    6. How did Mongols accomplish their goals and successes?

    7. What role did African kingdoms play in overland and maritime trade routes?

    8. How did Islam affect African kingdoms?

    9. What were the principle trade products of West Africa?

    10. In what ways does the term ethnocentrism apply to Ming China?

    11. What boundaries represented the extent of Chinese exploration?

    12. Why did the Ming turn away from expeditions of trade, exploration, and power?

    13. What were some of the technological advances of these Mesoamerican empires?
    14. Why is the year 1453 so critical to Ottoman history?

    15. In what ways was the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent characteristic of absolute monarchy? How did his reign compare to those of Louis XIV, Philip II, Peter the Great, and Akbar?