Unit 9 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 9 Essential Questions

    1. What impact do regional and global trade networks have on world cultures?
    2. How do physical and human geography affect people, places and regions?
    3. How does the individual influence world events?

    Unit 9 Focus Questions

    1. What was the role of guilds in this economic system?
    2. What was the relationship between the rise of capitalism and the decline of feudalism?
    3. In a market economy, how does the system determine what goods and services are to be produced and in what quantities and for whom?
    4. Outside of Europe, what were the major Afroeurasian trading centers?
    5. Who were the major explorers of this time period?
    6. What were the "Three G's" that caused Europeans to explore?
    7. What was the goal of the Spanish conquistadors in the Americas?  What factors helped lead to their success?
    8. What impact did the Columbian Exchange have on the Old World and New World?
    9. In what ways does global trade lead to the development of new labor systems?