Unit 11 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 11 Essential Questions

    1. What assumptions do different groups hold about power, authority, governance, and law?
    2. To what extent do the concepts of justice and human rights differ across time and place?
    3. How does the individual influence world events?

    Unit 11 Focus Questions

    1. What is an absolute monarchy? What are the characteristics of this type of government?
    2. Was absolutism a uniquely European political philosophy, or was it found globally?
    3. What is meant by the term "divine right theory"? What was the origin of this term?
    4. During the 1450-1770 time period, to what extent can the European divine right theory be compared to Chinese theories of governance?
    5. What is the difference between political decentralization and political centralization?
    6. How similar and different were Louis XIV and Peter the Great?
    7. What impact did the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, Parliament, and the Glorious Revolution have on the development of a limited monarchy?