Unit 11 Key Concepts

  • Absolutism—When rulers control with total power (absolute power). They do whatever they want to do!

    Divine Right—The belief that rulers get their right to rule from God.



    Examples of Absolute Rulers

    Akbar the Great - Mughal Empire (India)

    Ferdinand and Isabella - Spain - Paid for Columbus' journey

    Charles V - Spain

    Louis XIV - France—Built the Palace at Versailles, said "I am the State"

    Peter the Great - Russia - Know that he "westernized" Russia


    Reaction to Absolute Rule: England

    Magna Carta (1215) - limited the power of kings and queens in England.

    Parliament—Committee of nobles created to watch the king.

    English Civil War—King beheaded

    Glorious Revolution—Non-violent revolution where nobles replace the king.

    What do all of these events do? They limit the power of the monarch!