Unit 12 Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 12 Essential Questions

    1. What defines a turning point?
    2. How does technological change affect people, places, and regions?
    3. Does on-going scholarship change our worldview?
    4. How does the individual influence world events?
    5. What assumptions do different groups hold about power, authority, governance, and law?

    Unit 12 Focus Questions

    1. Why was the Scientific Revolution called a revolution?
    2. Why was the Scientific Revolution a logical extension of the Renaissance?
    3. How did the work of the following contribute to sweeping changes in scientific thinking?

      • Nicolaus Copernicus

      • Galileo Galilei
      • Sir Isaac Newton
    4. What were the new approaches to problem solving? How did they differ from previous approaches to understanding?

    5. How did the new approaches of observation and experimentation challenge the authority of the Roman Catholic Church?