Unit 14 - Essential and Focus Questions

  • Unit 14 Essential Questions

    1. 1.How does technological change affect people, places, and regions?
    2. How are economic systems structured to meet the needs and wants of different societies?
    3. What defines a turning point?

    Unit 14 Focus Questions

    1. Why did early peoples migrate from place to place?
    2. What does the use of tools tell us about early peoples?
    3. Why is the Neolithic Revolution considered a turning point in history?
    4. What was the relationship between the Neolithic Revolution and the development of early civilizations?
    5. What political systems developed in early river civilizations?
    6. What is a traditional economy?
    7. How did the Bantu migration change sub-Saharan Africa?
    8. How did the shift from hunting/gathering to agricultural societies affect gender roles?

    1. Causes of the Industrial Revolution
      1. Describe the causes of the Industrial Revolution including the impact of the Agricultural Revolution and specific advantages held by Great Britain.
    2. Effects of the Industrial Revolution
      1. Explain the effects new technology had on social classes and mass production.
      2. Explain the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution including child labor, pollution and overcrowding.
    3. Economic Systems of the Industrial Revolution
      1. Describe the rise of laissez faire capitalism under Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations.
      2. Describe the rise of communist theory under Karl Marx and The Communist Manifesto.
    4. Reform Movements
      1. Explain the cause and effect of reform movements including the Sadler Report, the rise of labor unions, and the Factory Act of 1833.
    5. Global effects of the Industrial Revolution
      1. Explain the causes of 19th century mass migration from Europe including the Irish Potato Famine.
      2. Describe the connection between the Industrial Revolution and the rise of European Imperialism.