Central Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I need to provide all of the required documents?

    Yes. You must provide all of the documents listed above, per our board of education policy, to register your student.

    How soon before my student begins school?

    After all registration requirements are in place (registration packet, proof of residency, physical, immunizations, custody, etc.), we will request records from the student's previous school. The school will then contact you to meet with the student to place him/her in a class or develop a schedule for him/her. If the previous school records are sent quickly, the student is usually enrolled within two to three days. We cannot move forward without the records.

    Who can register a student?

    Only the child's parent or legal guardian can register a student. Relatives can register a student only when that relative has legal custody of the child. Documentation will need to be provided.

    My former spouse and I share custody of our child. Can I register him/her?

    The parent/guardian with primary custody/physical placement of the child must register the child. Additionally, the parent with primary custody must maintain a residence in the Geneva City School District boundaries. 

    Can I register my child at the building in which he/she will be placed?

    No. We use a central registration process in which parents register their student at the Administration Center regardless of grade level or age. Once the required paperwork is completed, the building in which the child will attend will contact you to complete the registration process.

    How do I register my child for pre-kindergarten?

    There are a limited number of seats in our pre-kindergarten program. You must fill out the required paperwork at our Head Start location.  Head Start is located in our West Street School building. Please contact Cecelia Rodriguez at (315) 781-4104.

    How do I change my phone number or address?

    You can contact the central registrar at (315)781-0400 ext. 1500 to make any changes to your child's registration information. Please note that backup documentation will be required for address changes.

    Does changing my address automatically change their bussing?

    No, you will still need to complete a transportation request form if your child qualifies for bussing.