Office of Student Services

  • The Office of Student Services is located at Geneva Middle School. Geneva City Schools offers special education services to students ages 3–21. If you suspect that your pre-school child has a disability, please call (315) 781-0400. If you think your school-age child might have a disability, please contact your child's teacher or school counselor for referral information.

    This department includes: 

    • Special Education Services
    • School Counselors
    • School Social Workers
    • Manifestation Determination Hearings
    • Hospital/Home Tutoring Services
    • Medicaid School-based services
    • District Crisis Team


    Director of Student Services

    Ms. Tonya Russell
    E-mail Ms. Russell
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1400

    Assistant Director of Student Services

    Ms. Erin Lamborn
    E-mail Ms. Lamborn
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1404

    Secretary to the Department of Student Services 

    Ms. Kathy Babb
    E-mail Ms. Babb
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1402

    Committee on Special Ed/Preschool Special Ed (CSE/CPSE) Chairperson 

    Ms. Colleen Cappiello
    E-mail Ms. Cappiello 
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1406


    Secretary for CPSE

    Ms. Beverly Flanagan
    E-mail Ms. Flanagan
    Phone: (315) 781-0400 ext. 1401

    School Psychologists

    Contact Us

    101 Carter Road
    Geneva, NY 14456
    Main office: (315) 781-0400
    Office hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays

  • COVID-19 Update

    CSE Meetings & Annual Reviews

    For the 2020–21 school year due to COVID-19 restrictions, CSE meetings will be scheduled virtually (video/telephone conferencing) using the Zoom platform. Your child’s case manager will be in contact with parents/guardians as the meeting date approaches with further details. Please contact the Office of Student Services or your child's special education case manager with questions.

    Evaluations & Referrals

    If an evaluation of a student with a disability or a suspected disability requires a face-to-face assessment, the evaluation will take place following Department of Health guidelines to ensure safety of the student and evaluator. Evaluations, reevaluations and observations that do not require face-to-face assessments (like a records review) may take place using Zoom on an as-needed basis, with parent/guardian consent. Please contact the Office of Student Services or the school psychologist in your child’s building with questions.

    Continuity of Learning During COVID-19