Dismissal Policy

  • Dismissal

    1. If a member fails to perform any of the published obligations of membership, s/he will be given a written warning and a time for improvement.  If the obligation remains unmet at the end of the warning period, the student will be subject to further disciplinary action by the Faculty Council, which may include dismissal from the chapter
    2. Procedure for permanent dismissal:
      1. Member will receive written notification indicating the reason for possible dismissal from the adviser or Faculty Council. The member and adviser and a minimum of (1) Faculty Council member will discuss the written notification in a conference.
      2. Situations that involve flagrant violations of school rules or the law can warrant disciplinary action without a written warning although a hearing must still be held (see III.B.3)
      3. The member will be given the opportunity to respond to the charge against him or her at a hearing before the Faculty Council prior to the vote on dismissal. The Faculty Council will then vote on whether to dismiss.  A majority vote of the Faculty Council is needed to dismiss any member
      4. The results of the Faculty Council vote will be reviewed by the principal and then, if confirmed, expressed in a registered letter sent to the student and parents.  Dismissed members must surrender any membership emblems to the adviser.
      5. The Faculty Council’s decision may be appealed to the building principal through the school district discipline policy.
      6. When a student is dismissed or resigns, dismissal is considered permanent and will not be reconsidered for membership in the National Honor Society