Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is ‘in charge’ of National Honor Society at GHS?

    Victoria Lehman is the advisor, and it is her responsibility to oversee the club. As a non-voting member of the selection committee, she serves in two capacities. She ensures that local and national procedures are properly followed. She also serves as the representative of the interests of the students so that only relevant and valid information is brought under consideration by the members of the Faculty Council. She oversees student meetings of the chapter and makes sure that their obligations are being met.

    Who is on the Faculty Council?

    The members of the GHS Faculty Selection Committee are veteran teachers appointed by the principal who are familiar with the tenets of the National Honor Society. The GHS Faculty Council consists of five voting members.

    How do I get into NHS?

    GHS juniors and seniors who have a cumulative grade point average of 88.000 percent or higher GPA meet the scholarship requirement for membership. These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, and character.

    The scoring of each area is based upon the judgments made by the committee and how the information fits the rubric. Please see the Selection Policy for detailed information.

    How many students get into NHS? Is there a limit? Is applying a guaranteed “in”?

    There are no limits to the number of students who are admitted to NHS. Completing an information packet is neither a guaranteed acceptance nor denial. You may want to ask yourself these questions. Do I consistently demonstrate the four pillars of the National Honor Society? Do my activities reflect someone who belongs in NHS? Are my actions those of an exemplary citizen, both in and out of the classroom? How do I show leadership? Do I have the time and inclination to commit to the community service requirements of this organization?

    The dog ate my application! How do I get another one?

    Don’t worry! Go to National Honor Society, and all the information you may ever want or need about the NHS, Geneva High School Chapter, is there.

    What if I don’t get in?

    Students who are not selected will have the opportunity to meet with Mr. Baker to discuss areas of weakness or other causes for non-selection. Decisions may be appealed. Further information is available on the website. In cases where there has been a procedural error, the principal can reconvene the committee to rectify the error.

    What does an inducted member have to do?

    Your acceptance of membership in NHS indicates your willingness to participate in ALL National Honor Society activities, such as meetings and service projects. It is expected that inducted, active members will continue their excellence in the four pillars. Local chapters are required to have a minimum of one large group (all club) service project, and each individual member must complete another service project on their own. Students must complete 10 hours of individual community service each semester. There will be plenty of opportunities available for students, and they will be posted. Also, students must attend all monthly meetings. This is an obligation set by the national organization.

    It’s too much work for me right now. How can I exit gracefully?

    On occasion, students find that the requirements of NHS are not a good fit for them. In this case, students can opt to withdraw from the club. A written note signed by a parent is sufficient.

    What happens if a member gets in trouble?

    Any member who falls below the standards of scholarship, leadership, character, or service may be considered for discipline or dismissal from the chapter. We expect that members will maintain their academic standing and take an active role in service and leadership in their school and community. Members whose GPA falls below the 88.000 standard will be given a written warning and a reasonable time period for improvement. Offenders of the school conduct code will receive a written warning. As a consequence of disciplinary action, membership can be revoked. This is a permanent dismissal, and students may NOT reapply for admission

    I’m confused and still have questions not answered in this summary.

    We are here to help you! If I don’t know the answer to a question, Mrs. Lehman will research and find it out for you. Please e-mail her, or stop by room 119, and she will help you directly.